So many couples are changing the norms of a traditional wedding. The modern couple is laid back, wants their guests to have fun, they have a smaller guest count, they want to have really good food, and they might even want to have their dog be part of their special day. Maria and Freddy were a perfect example of this new laid back couple who just want their wedding day to be memorable.


We work with many couples who are laid back and want a simple wedding, but we still need to make sure everything is above and beyond their expectations. This is a little bit about Maria and Freddy’s experience with us that may help you when you are looking to book a venue:

1. Venue Shopping

When working with a laid back couple it’s always important to listen to their needs. Of course we show them all the amazing things we have to offer, but the important thing is to find out what their vision of their dream wedding is.

Our first experience at Anthony’s Pier 9 was with Wanda Mendillo. We knew from the minute we met her we wanted to have our wedding here. She helped us plan our day from menu right down to linens. We told Wanda we were very easy going and wanted our wedding to be laid back and lots of fun. Wanda listened to everything we said and our wedding day was everything was exactly what we asked for”. –Maria


2. Attention to Detail

They may be a simple and laid back couple but it is still super important to make sure their day is absolutely perfect.

Taylor Checchia was with us the evening of our wedding and blew us away!!! We wanted real flowers on our cake so we ordered a simple wedding cake and had the florist deliver the flowers. Instead of just putting the flowers anywhere on the cake Taylor asked me what I wanted the cake to look like. After showing her a picture on my phone she took care of the rest. She made it look exactly the way I had envisioned it!”- Maria


3. Making it Memorable for her Guests

This is your special day but most brides and grooms really do care about making sure their guests have an amazing experience. They want their guests to have amazing food and drinks! They also want to make sure their guests are all treated like family by the staff and help make this a wonderful experience

Anthony’s Pier 9 is where I tell all my friends to go now! It has been 6 months since the wedding. I still have friends and family that can’t stop talking about the food that night or the staff. Every waitress and bartender was so nice. The food was phenomenal the lighting was perfect. We love you guys at Anthony’s Pier 9 you put us at ease.”- Maria

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4. Flexibility

Many brides would love to have an outdoor ceremony, but many of them fear having bad weather and have it ruin their day. We offer a backup ceremony space to take that fear away! It helps ease the stress of the week leading up to the wedding that way the bride is not checking the weather on her phone every hour.

It was drizzling the day of the wedding and we had planned on having an outdoor ceremony. My husband’s mother was very ill and it was not ideal to have the ceremony outside with her condition. Taylor came to us and said it’s raining I can have the inside set up in 5 minutes. The entire staff rearranged our ceremony room and poof it was all done again truly amazing at what they can do.”- Maria