Well Starbucks has officially released their Pumpkin Spice Latte. Even though we are technically still in Summer, Fall is already here. Well… According to Starbucks fans.

Just think about it, pumpkins everywhere, apple picking, oversized scarves and of course planning your Autumn themed wedding!

How far out should you book your autumn date?

Most couples begin to book and plan their wedding about a year in advance. However, in the Hudson Valley, we see people booking Autumn weddings two years in advance. Yes, you read that right, two years. Of course some venues still have dates available for next Fall, but 2020 is an extremely popular year to hold your wedding. If you’re looking for that awesome 10/10/2020 date, you better get a move on!

Luckily, there is still hope.

Next October has five Saturday’s giving you more opportunities to get that crisp autumn feel that you are dreaming of. I know it’s amazing, the most popular month of the year to get married has one extra weekend for weddings.

Also, that last Saturday happens to be Halloween! So if you are looking to set your Fall wedding apart from the others, you might want to add a fun Halloween twist to it.

One of the most popular Halloween wedding themes are Jack Skellington and Sally from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. To help put you in that Fall mood go get a PSL and scroll through these awesome photos from Amber and Jason’s Wedding at Anthony’s Pier 9.