Couple:Lonnie & Tanya
Date:May 24th 2015
Venue: Anthony’s Pier 9
Photographer: Chris Carter Photography
Videographer: Faymus Media

I’ll never forget the day when this beautiful woman walked into my office with the biggest and happiest smile. Tanya was beaming with excitement and ready to begin the planning process of her Wedding Day May 24, 2015. Tanya and her fiancé Lonnie waited some time to celebrate their Wedding Day. But while they were waiting the selected details were being made and their love was growing stronger every day.

I always say your wedding day should represent the personality of the Bride, the Groom and what they share together. The presence of Tanya and Lonnie was displayed from the moment their guests arrived. The love for each other in photos and the love of their family members too where displayed so elegantly.

Lonnie & Tanya Wedding Highlights from Faymus Media on Vimeo.

Their Ceremony gracefully sparkled with Crystals, an abundance of pink roses and personal message boards that brought a smile to your heart.

  • The Head table was decorated in crystal and pearls with soft pink rose petals.
  • A personalized Grooms cake displaying the Yankees, Walking Dead and 007.
  • Table numbers with the photos of special Pets they have rescued.

Everything was perfect and best of all they enjoyed every minute.

It is my pleasure to have been a part of the planning of their Wedding Day. We are all looking forward to watching the wonderful new celebrations they will be able to share because of the special love they have for each other.

Thank you for allowing Chris Carter Photography to share your photos with us.

I wish you many years of Happiness,
Wanda Mendillo