Runaway With A Runner On Your Wedding Day

By: Michael Post

Weddings ceremonies are filled with traditions, whether it’s something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue or the white wedding dress or the happy couple figurines perched high atop a glistening buttercream cake. We all have had the embarrassment of having to sit thru a drunken toast or watch Uncle Tony attempt the cha-cha slide, but these traditions are what make the day memorable and special.

One of the best traditions that have stood the test of time is the aisle runner.

Tradition tells us that the runner was laid down to protect the newlyweds from the evil spirits from rising up. Later the runners were used to prevent the couple from the dirt brought in from the roads.

Today the runner provides a clean runway for the couple to land on as they approach the forefront to their vows in front of family and friends. The runner is a perfect, cost effective way to inject your personalities into the ceremony.

My top five unique runners:

1. Seal It with a Floral Kiss

Both runners above offer the same effect with different elements. The top utilizes natural petals in an outside setting. (Note: remember petals often get carried in the wind.) The bottom option is fake petals sewn to a fabric back for durability, and to keep the style aesthetic safe from the elements. The right is available on for $136.50 + s+h.

2. Remember the Time:

Put your memories onto you wedding aisle runner

The most personal of runners. Create a special timeline of how you and your spouse met. Use photos from the dating days, incorporate family, and it’s a great way to share your hashtag.

3. The Book of Love:

Wedding runner idea with pages from a book

This truly takes runners to a new level. Perhaps using love poems or Shakespearean sonnets to create this literary masterpiece will wow your guests.

4. Reclaimed Love:

Joanna Gaines shouts it from the roof “ship lap,” but this Tetris inspired reclaimed wooden runner is perfect for the outdoor ceremony. Durable, functional and won’t be bothered by anything Mother Nature throws at it.

5. My Written Love:

Include your vows on your runner. Make it personal. Put your love on display for everyone to read.

Whether it’s to protect a dress or keep the evil spirits away, a runner is a timeless and honored tradition.

What will you do to make your runner special?