1. Establish your “oohs”, “aahs” , and “nah” list.

What does this mean?  When you picture your wedding day how do you see it? How do you feel about it? What are your needs?  Sit down with your fiancé (just the two of you) and decide your top 3 things that are must haves on your special day.  Then decide on your three things you can pass on.

2. Crunch the Numbers:

Who will be paying for the day? The two of you? Parents? Gofundme?  Now is the time to establish a budget guide. To get everything on your must have list what will be the total.  Be realistic and do some research to help get to the final number.

3. Who’s coming?

No David, we do not need to invite your childhood babysitter.”  Now is the time to establish a “guest-amate”.  Discuss with your fiancé how many from each side you are inviting.

(Pro tip:  If family is helping with the cost (Mom & Dad) they are more than likely going to have a list as well)  Starting a list will help you select the best ballroom and venue for your day.

Imperial Ballroom Anthony's Pier 9

4. Get Organized!

It’s at this point you should get an email address for the wedding day.  You will both need to have access so pick something fun.  We suggest a GMAIL account. Google has great options. Calendar appointments and google drive is a great way to store wedding agreements.  Establish a private group on Facebook for family, friends and wedding party.  Pick a hashtag early for Instagram and use it thru the planning process. #gettoorganizing

5. Come visit us at Anthony’s Pier 9!

You have the foundation set and now is the time to start building your dream day!  Pier 9 (as we call it) has a space for every couple.  We have gardens attached to both ballrooms, including an inside one and mountain views of the Hudson Highlands.

Let our amazing team of event coordinators help plan your day!

Contact us today or Download our Wedding Package to start the planning process.

Weefan Photograpy

Weefan Photograpy