Over the years wedding trends and traditions have changed to better suit the modern couple. Some trends are changed to combine cultural traditions from both families and other times simply because the couple wants to add their own style to their wedding day.

In this article we’ll go over some more recent trends, and also throw in some interesting factoids from the past that have influenced the traditions of today.

Bouquets as Air Fresheners? Who knew?

Yup, originally in the Middle Ages the bride would carry a bouquet of herbs like dill to help mask the smell of body odor. People didn’t bathe as often back in those days. Sometimes they would even include more pungent scents like garlic to help ward off evil spirits. Over time, bouquets became more of a visual accessory filled with beautiful flowers while still bringing those lovely floral scents with it.

Back in merry olde England, women used to try and steal pieces of the brides dress and bouquet to gain some of her “luck.” To prevent this bride would toss the bouquet into the crowd allowing her to escape.

Carrying the bride over the threshold

While we’re on the subject of medieval trends, another superstition turned tradition occurs after the wedding on your way home. The groom would carry the bride over the threshold of their home in a classically romantic gesture. However, this actually began because medieval Europeans believed that the soles of a new bride’s feet were vulnerable to evil spirits. By carrying the bride into the home, the groom was protected their home from being overrun by ghosts & goblins.

The “Save the Date”

You may not think of this as a “new” tradition but sending out a save the date came about as a way to better accommodate your guests. Couples mail this card six to eight months prior to the wedding date to inform the guests of your wedding day, allowing them to make travel arrangements earlier. Think Better Air Fare, requesting time off from work, and making hotel reservations.

And now with better technology we are seeing digital invitations and paperless RSVPs! We didn’t have this year’s ago.

Seeing your future spouse before the wedding

Also known as the “First Look” couples are finding this rule breaker a stress reliever prior to the ceremony. It’s become an intimate and private moment instead of a bad omen. A time when you give each other that special message they will cherish forever.

Have your photographer there to capture the moment, and then invite your wedding party/family members to snap as many photos as you would like so everyone can enjoy the Cocktail Hour! Less stress and more time to enjoy the amazing cocktail stations that Anthony’s Pier 9 has to offer.


Ceremonies are being performed by ordained family members

For those who like to break from the norm, you don’t need to be married in a church by a priest these days. One trend that is picking up steam is having a family member or friend marry you. And with the internet it’s as simple as getting ordained online from one of many websites. Be sure to check with the State and Local government to ensure all legal requirements are followed.


Bye Bye Receiving Lines

This tradition is couples’ choice these days. While it allows the newlyweds the opportunity to see and thank each guests from attending, it also tends to cut into the flow of the day. Especially if you have a large guest list. If you plan to skip the line, then we suggest taking photos early after your first look so you have more time at cocktail hour to mingle and thank your guests in a much more relaxed environment. One of the great ways to thank your guests is a small speech after your formal toasts.

No matter what traditions you include (old and new), remember that your wedding day is the beginning of a life filled with love that grows as we experience life together.


As a wedding professional of over 30 years I have seen trends come and go… but the one great trend that stays the same is love.

Wanda Mendillo