Follow these 5 simple rules to find your perfect dress!

The Earlier the Better

Typically, you should start looking for your dress about one year out. Many dresses take anywhere from four to nine months to be made. Once they arrive at the salon, you will have to take into consideration time for alterations. A year will be just enough time to ensure you do not feel rushed!

(Pro-Tip: Always make an appointment ahead of time. They can get extremely busy, especially if you are getting married in the peak of wedding season. Try to avoid weekends if possible!)

Bride getting ready for her wedding with Bridesmaid

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Who Are You Bringing?

Take a step back and think about who really needs to come with you. Too many people can turn this exciting day into a very stressful one. The more people you bring, the more opinions you will receive. Opinions can be extremely helpful, but too many can also lead to disagreements. This can make you very overwhelmed and confused. At the end of the day, your opinion is the one that matters most!

Bride in her wedding dress posing with a bouquet of flowers

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Do Your Research

What necklines do you like best? Strapless? V-neck? Sweetheart? There are so many styles to choose from! This can get a bit overwhelming if you don’t have anything in mind. Researching beforehand can also save you a lot of time in the long run. Pinterest will become your best friend. You can find so many different styles and rule out the ones you know aren’t for you. If you aren’t completely sure about a silhouette, try it on!

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Have A Budget

Having a budget is probably the most crucial aspect. You need to be honest with yourself and your family on how much you can actually spend. There are so many beautiful wedding dresses in the world. You want to make sure you are trying on the ones within your price range. Nothing’s worse than trying on a breathtaking dress, falling in love with it, and then realizing its $10,000 over your budget.

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Try On Dresses Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s important to stay open minded. Try on something outside of the box, even if you already have a certain silhouette in mind. You may be surprised by how many different dresses you like!

(Pro-Tip: Take advantage of the bridal stylists at the salons. They are professionals! They know what silhouettes are going to flatter your body shape.)